NOTAGALLERY is a modern ogler in the heart of a controversial environment.

Notagallery is a modern concept of a gallery founded in 2022 by artist Ivan Gette in order to explore the space behind the rigid walls of the white cube.

Notagallery opens this vibrant space where artists of all kinds can meet, connect and support each other.

Notagallery is not a gallery as it consists of a coworking space, 7 available studio spaces and NOTACLUB – a 575qm rough and bold exhibition space.

It is taking the experience of art back to the future.

The vision is to create an outstanding center of art and culture that sets up an international network of creative people from all over the world.

Visiting Notagallery is not just about looking at art, but experiencing it.
It’s about being part of the community and feeling the vibe.
(,,Because art is only as good as it makes you feel something.“-Ivan Gette)

Notagallery is located in a controversial environment, surrounded by a place of upheaval. In this clash of social structures, Notagallery wants to increase interaction between different worlds.

The mission is to provide visibility for anyone interested in art and creative collaboration regardless of age, gender, or social origin.

That’s why Notagalery’s Open Call is intended both for artists with academic background and those who are following alternative paths of life.

So don’t miss out the opportunity to be part of the Notagallery Community and the opening exhibition on 18/08/2022!

Contact us for a studio or exhibition space and submit your portfolio for the opening exhibition!

See you soon!

Don‘t miss out ON the opportunity to be part of our OPENING EXHIBITION