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We have made it our mission to give love, respect, and awareness to musical subcultures while pointing out beautiful things. Notaclub is not a club, but its atmosphere reflects the Berlin club scene: real/dirty and rough… We reject appearance, origin, conviction and gender classification. Notaclub is a place where creative visions and ideas can be turned into reality. A home to harmony, understanding, security and loyalty. For this purpose, Notaclub provides a 575 square meter scenery in the heart of Berlin. The size and the location allow the realization of projects of all kinds. Diversity can be heard, seen and felt. Notaclub is a space for exhibitions, meetings, as well as art, music, design, and fashion events. Our vision is to create a new place of cultural and economic synergies to support Berlin’s artists, brands, and companies and thereby promote their international importance.

Ivan Gette

Founder | Gallery Owner | Artist

Maria Gitelmann ​

Projectlead | Design

Jonas Kirsch​

Art Advisor | Artist

Potsdamer Straße 124
10783 Berlin